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The 30 Day Healthy Herbal Makeover

$249.99 $124.99
The 30 Day Healthy Herbal Makeover

The 30 Day Healthy Herbal Makeover

$249.99 $124.99

Jumpstart your "herbal"-infused transformation and start seeing results quickly

If you're here, it's probably because you just want to feel better, healthier, more full of energy with a kickass mood. 

I know you're not feeling your best right now.

You wake up achy, groggy and tired and at the end of the day, you're too wired to fall asleep. You feel like you're dragging all day long and you go from feeling okay to miserable from one minute to the next. You have a tendency of being really healthy for a minute - seeing and feeling results - only to slip back into bad habits.

You may have heard incredible healing stories about the "herb". Maybe it helped someone you know get off all of their pain meds or lose weight.

But your story with the "herb" is less success and more WTF?

Sometimes it feels great, but other times you get the munchies, feel really lazy and get so much social anxiety you can barely leave the house.

You're not alone. Many of my clients have struggled with how to use botanicals to get healthier. And because I can't stand by and watch anyone else struggle with their health, I put together the 30 Day Healthy Botanicals Makeover : an Online Program to Jumpstart Your Botanicals Transformation to help you eliminate confusion and start feeling better fast.

Step 1
Learn how to use botanicals effectively with my signature Healthy Botanicals Makeover method

Step 2
Practice simple and powerful wellness habits that improve your health quickly without much effort

Step 3
Set up your life so follow through is EASY and you get the results you want without sacrificing freedom or fun


Register now and save 60%
[plus get 3 incredible early bird bonuses]

We’ve included 3 amazing bonuses for the first 100 people who register for the workshop. 

We expect to sell out of these, so register today and reserve your seat!

Digital download of Dazed + Infused 
[normally $29]

We'll instantly deliver my latest healthy botanicals cookbook to your inbox so you can get started before we launch the program

Bonus #2 - 
The Healthy Botanicals Infusion Video Guide
[normally $99]

Bonus #3 - The Healthy Cannabis Makeover Private Facebook Group

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