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The Wake + Bake Kitchen Starter Bundle (save $50)

$429.99 $379.99

The Wake + Bake Kitchen Starter Bundle (save $50)

$429.99 $379.99

Making healthy and affordable edibles doesn't have to be complicated.

Want to save money and control the ingredients in your edibles and infusions, but don't know where to start?

Want to uplevel your game, save time and energy and stop babysitting your infusions for hours on end?

I understand how challenging it can be to make effective edibles at home. The process can be confusing and may seem like more mess and hassle then you want to take on.

But making homemade edibles and infusions can be the key to transforming your health with botanicals (like it was for me and many of my clients). By creating your own healthy herbal kitchen, you can save thousands of dollars a year over commercial edibles and have more control over the ingredients that go into your medicine.

With the Wake + Bake Kitchen Starter Bundle, you get the tools and simple step-by-step guides you need to make effective botanicals infusions that support your healing journey.

You'll get:

1- Nova Decarboxylator (value $210)

1- Magical Butter MB2 (value $189)

1 - Digital copy of Dazed + Infused: the ultimate guide to healthy botanicals infusions and homemade dispensary favorites (value $29)

You save $50!

The simple 3 step solution
  1. Activate your plant material in the Nova
  2. Infuse oil or tinctures in the Magical Butter Machine
  3. Use Dazed + Infused to learn how to turn your infusions into edibles that improve your health

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